I’m a Discombobulator and I help You Rattle Your Cage

Are you close to or over 50?


Lovin’ most of your life?

Maybe in a gorgeous competence rut?


And You still have the gall to ask ?

Is this it?

I want more … [Me? I want more wine, experiences, learning, laughter with dear friends, dogs, writing, money, giving back, jewellery and vintage bags, gorgeous design and art, chances to support other peoples adventures ... the list is long]


Well Bloody Done You

I stand and applaud you with a glass of bubbles in my hand

Feck the begrudgers … there’s only so much time left so live it


Fall More in Love with Your Life

Do you know what motivates you, engages you, lifts your heart and makes you smile?

Do you need some time & space to rise above the day to day, explore your life and ask for more?


Life Dreaming with Liz Lennon  - You’re very own Discombobulator  

 I stir things up with you

We get up to mischief together

Musing + Playing + Creating + Ditching + Deciding + Doing

You explore & You Decide & You play with the Power of More ***** 

**** and before someone gets on my last nerve about More being somehow ‘bad’

Stop right there

More can be Less as well and it can be More More More … creativity; giving back; building a yurt; growing things; sleep; lolling; loving; alone time; writing; walking the dog; reading; learning; playing; feeling


There will be More for You when You come Play with Me

Sign Up and come play in my Sandpit – there’s room for everyone

Yup – you have posts and prezzies and gorgeous tools [bucket, spade and martini anyone?]

I also run face to face Life Dreaming Voyages where you’ll have the time of your life and leave with a real sense of what more you want  and how you’ll make it happen


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The Life Dreaming Expedition helps you Fall More in Love with your Life

A beautiful & practical 8 module package that is full of tools for you to create the life you want to live

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1 Day Life Dreaming Voyages Dublin 2014

Give yourself the gift of a day to dream & create a plan of action for 2014

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