Shaken & Stirred – Your Remarkable Life

Nothing powerful or truly beautiful ever came out of a Comfort Zone

You’re not someone who takes the easy road

You know how to celebrate

Martini anyone?

teeny martini


Discombobulate Yourself

You’ve always created the life you want to live

Explore the power of what’s next

Shake it up – again


teeny martini


I am your personal Discombobulator

We – as in you & me – are powerful women with strong convictions

We believe that adventures are about mindset not age

We delight in rewards before, during & after effort

We shake & stir things up together

What’s Next?

teeny martini


Powerful & Beautiful You

Life Dreaming with Liz Lennon – you & me

Fall more in love with your life

Shine your light

Be too much

teeny martini


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